typically, how many lumens is a car dash warning light?
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2014-01-25 12:51:42 UTC
In my car, the red warning lights on the dash are too dim,
e.g. handbrake or low fuel warning.
I would like to replace them with LEDs, as one is blown anyway.
I can't find any info how many watts the OEM incandescent bulb is for
my model car.
They are "T5 B8.5D" type. I found a vendor of automotive LEDs.
They offer two types with brightness of 2 or 6 lumens.
So I shall order the brighter 6 lumens.
I am still curious how much the existing lights are.
2014-01-25 19:35:42 UTC
Post by p***@lycos.com
I can't find any info how many watts the OEM incandescent bulb is for
my model car.
Indicator light bulbs are usually around 0.5 to 1.5 W or so. I know
that Honda Accords from the early 2000s used either 1.4 or 1.5 W lamps
that are rated about 0.7 MSCP (mean spherical candlepower). 1970s and
1980s US cars often used a #161 lamp, which is rated at 2.7 W and 1

In theory, 0.7 MSCP is about 8.80 lumens and 1 MSCP is about 12.6
lumens. However, this assumes that all the light from the lamp is
usable, which won't happen in a car warning light; it's probably OK
that the LED replacement is rated for fewer lumens.
Post by p***@lycos.com
They are "T5 B8.5D" type.
This doesn't completely specify the lamp, but it's close. The "T5"
means it is 5 mm diameter, and the "B8.5D" means a base that fits into
a circuit board. This search
shows lamps in that size at 1.2 W, 1.5 W, and 2 W. The 1.2 W version
is 0.48 MSCP, or very roughly 6 lumens; I can't find MSCP ratings for
the other two sizes.

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